Thursday, November 17, 2011

Proactiv Product Review

Hey, everybody! I'm gonna gush at you today about the Proactiv skincare system. It's a three-step system for your face to remove acne and just generally make your face look awesome.

So I'm not particularly acne-prone anymore. About halfway through high school, my skin cleared up for the most part, and now I'm just left with some black spots on my nose, the occasional zit or blemish, and pores the size of craters on my cheeks. In general, though, I've gotten compliments on my complexion before I ever tried Proactiv.

When I got the Vox Box, I replaced my daily skincare routine (which up until then had been an exfoliating scrub, a foaming cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, all from different brands) with the Proactiv system. Proactiv is a three-piece system: an exfoliating cleanser, a toner, and medicated lotion for trouble spots. I used the system for about two weeks before I wrote this, to give my skin time to adapt to the new system before I gave a final verdict.

First of all, I got lucky. My Vox Box arrived the day after I'd passed out with my makeup still on. I had probably the most blemishes on my face that I've had in years. I used the Proactiv that night and again the next morning, and by afternoon of the day after my box arrived, most of my breakout was gone. Another day later, it was completely cleared up. Awesome stuff.

I want to repeat what I said before. I got compliments on my complexion before I ever touched Proactiv. After about a week and a half of using it, I visited my psychiatrist. The first words out of his mouth were, "Your face has cleared up a lot." I was stunned. I didn't know that it was possible for my face to be much clearer than what it already had been. Sure, there are tons of people with skin that's practically perfect and smooth as silk, but I had figured that my skin was as clear and smooth as it would ever be. After the appointment, I got back in the car and immediately checked my skin in the mirror. I hadn't noticed the changes myself until then, but he was right.

My gigantic pores looked significantly smaller. The deep creases on my forehead, which I've had since I was in elementary school, were much less prominent. While my skin never really struck me as loose or wrinkly before, it was definitely firmer and tighter than it had been. I ran my hands over my face. It felt almost oily, but when I rubbed my fingers together, there was no oil. I tried running one of those oil sheets over my forehead, but it didn't pick up much at all. My skin wasn't oily... It was smooth. Very, very smooth. We're talking the difference between legs after a week of camping, and legs that have just been waxed. I couldn't stop touching my face! I don't know how I didn't notice it before. I guess I'd just ignored it because I thought my face was just super oily lately.

Anyway, the point is, I didn't think I'd be able to give much of a review for Proactiv, since I only really get acne or breakouts once in a blue moon. I was wrong. My skin feels awesome, it looks awesome, and I've almost completely stopped using foundation. I cannot recommend this stuff highly enough, regardless of whether you've got acne problems or not.

If you do buy the Proactiv system, I do have one recommendation. Go easy on the medicated lotion at first. It's not like most vanishing creams; it's strong. It will not hesitate to dry your face out if you're not careful with it. The toner is also a lot stronger than most toners, so I'd definitely recommend starting out using it once daily until you know how your face will react to it. I was a little overzealous with mine and found my whole face itching like the dickens, and my skin was so tight it looked like I'd gotten Botox.

The Proactiv system is a 30-day, 3-piece system. They've recently lowered the price to $19.95, too, which is pretty awesome. When you're using the Proactiv system, make sure to use sunscreen or a moisturizer with sunscreen in it, because the toner can make your skin more sensitive to sun exposure.

Full disclosure: I got the system free through the Vox Box system from Influenster to try and review.

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